8 Top Online Tenant Screening Services

When it comes to screening your tenants there are many options out there. Not all tenant screening processes are created equally, which is why I decided to cover some tenant screening reviews. These are all in my experience, and your mileage may vary.

At the very least, a thorough tenant screening report should contain their credit, criminal and eviction history. The average eviction costs $3,500 and the cost of screening a tenant can be pushed to the tenant anyway. There’s absolutely no reason NOT to perform a thorough background check of a potential tenant.

Transunion Tenant Screening

Transunion’s tenant screening services seem to have a corner on the market. Their reports are thorough and really easy to read and use.

SmartMove is an online screening service for independent landlords and their rental applicants. It was designed to help smaller landlords make educated leasing decisions by giving them access to the same tools for renter screenings that larger property management companies use.

How It Works…

  • Landlord initiates a renter screening request using the email address provided by the applicant. (If the landlord is new to SmartMove, he or she must create an account and add at least one property.)
  • Renter is sent the application request via email and chooses to accept or decline the screening. (If the applicant is new to SmartMove, he or she must create an account in order to accept or decline the request.)
  • By accepting the request, the applicant initiates the release of his or her credit and criminal record information to the landlord through SmartMove. By declining, he or she cancels the rental application. Either way, most personal identifying information such as a Social Security number is not released
  • If the applicant accepts the request, the landlord receives credit and criminal history information and a SmartMove leasing recommendation to assist them in making a decision on whether to accept or decline the applicant.
  • Renter is notified of the landlord’s decision

What Sets SmartMove Apart:

Income Insights: Their proprietary tenant background checks offer Income Insights, a custom report that tells landlords which applicants need additional income verification. This report can help you save time and effort during the tenant screening process and lowers your risk for renter payment issues.

ResidentScore 2.0: This credit measurement is built specifically for tenant screening and delivers a more accurate assessment of renter risk than a typical credit score. According to TransUnion research, ResidentScore predicts evictions 15% more often in comparison to a typical credit score in the bottom 20% score range where risk is greatest.

Choice of Who Pays: SmartMove gives landlords flexibility to choose to pay or pass the cost of tenant screening services to the tenant

Cozy Tenant Screening

Cozy offers a lot more than tenant screening. They are a full-service property management tool. Some of the other services they offer are: Online Rental listing, Rent Estimates, Online applications, online rent collection, renter’s insurance, expense tracking and online maintenance requests. Cozy’s core features are free to landlords. The optional services that they do charge for are Cozy Rent Estimates and Express Payouts which allows you to receive funds from your rent within 3 days.

As far as their tenant screening services, background checks and credit reports cost $39.99 when purchased as a bundle and $24.99 individually. The payment for the screening is passed onto the tenant. There is a fee of 2.75% if they want to pay with a debit or credit card.

Experian Tenant Screening Services

Experian tenant check reports include:

  • Credit Rating and Credit Score with up to 5 credit score factors ( VantageScore® 3.0 credit score range )
  • Best Name (with possible AKAs), Addresses (current / previous) and Employers (current / previous) on file
  • Credit Accounts with Payment Histories (collections / car loans / revolving / installment)
  • Potentially negative Public Record filings (evictions / foreclosures / bankruptcies / tax liens)
  • Credit Report Inquiries (past 24 months) from student loans, store credit cards and collection agencies


Zumper is, first and foremost, a rental listing website. When you post to Zumper, we help you market to millions of renters by sharing your listings with the Zumper Leads Network (Padmapper, Facebook, and more).

Instant Apply: Jump to the front of the line for competitive apartments and avoid crowded open houses. All listings that carry the Instant Apply mark guarantee landlords will review your application.

Quality listings: Filter by location, price range, bedroom count, pet-friendly, or amenity and set an alert to get notifications when a new listing is posted.

Realtime alerts: Our inventory is updated in real-time, so you'll always see new rentals on Zumper first.

www.zumper/pro is the landlord page. You can list up to 25 listings for free. Our screening comes complete with a rental application and an Experian credit report with nationwide eviction and criminal screening for $30 paid by the applicant. Rental professionals can even set their own custom application fee and have the funds deposited directly into a bank or Paypal account. Experian credit reporting includes credit score, tradelines, credit inquiries, payment history, collections, and more. Our national eviction report identifies unlawful detainers and monetary judgments made in court. While our criminal background check includes felonies, sex offender history, and misdemeanors from hundreds of millions of state and county records.

Turbo Tenant

Their slogan is Landlording made easy, and it delivers. TurboTenant is the all-in-one, FREE property management tool that streamlines how you manage the rental process. You can post across the web with one click for free.

Property Listing Website: With TurboTenant, get your own professional listing page that you can easily share by text or email to any interested tenants.

Online Rental Applications: Never deal with messy handwriting, missing information or waiting for an application in the mail. With TurboTenant’s extensive online application, get the information you need to go from interested lead to tenant, faster than ever.

Free Tenant Screening: Get an easy-to-read criminal history, credit report, and past evictions from TransUnion so you can be assured you are renting to the right person. The best part, it is completely free for you so you don’t have to ask renters for more money.

Mobile-Friendly: Manage your properties wherever you are. TurboTenant lets you manage your leads, applicants, and leases on the go so you never miss out on a great tenant.

Turbo Tenant does have paid services and products as well…

Rent Estimate Report: Compare your rent to similar properties in your area – only $14.99. TurboTenant Online Signatures: Easily send and manage electronic signatures in TurboTenant – $9.99. LawDepot Lease Agreements: Get state-specific lease documents from LawDepot, saving you time and money – starts at $29. TurboTenant has many useful add-ons as well to assist landlords including it's Form Pack: Download the most useful forms every landlord needs for any situation that comes up – $99.99.

Screening Works

ScreeningWorks provides online tenant screening for small landlords and independent rental owners. Their service makes tenant screening simple. For example, they can perform a background check, credit check and eviction check in less than a minute. It is a no thrills, tenant screening service ONLY website. The prices are based on the state that your rental is located, however most are $29.95 or less.

Whichever service you use, don't skip or skimp on this step.

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