9 Sites across the Web for Quality Landlord Forms

If you’re searching for landlord forms online, chances are you’re new to the landlord business. My first suggestion I have for you is that you take an hour or so to sit down and familiarize yourself with your state’s landlord-tenant laws. Landlordology summarizes the most pertinent laws for you.

Once you have basic knowledge of the fundamentals, you’ll be better equipped to sort through the online sources of landlord forms and documents available to you. The sites below are some of the most popular sources of landlord forms, and they fall, roughly, into three categories: 1) legal document sites that include landlord forms, 2) document sites geared specifically toward landlords, and 3) property-management solutions that handle much of the paperwork for you.


LawDepot offers state-specific, customizable lease agreements, subleasing agreements, eviction notices, lease amendment forms, and more. The site is also a source for many other types of legal documents. The landlord forms are easily customizable using an automated online tool.

Pricing for access to LawDepot documents and forms is either on a subscription or per-document basis. A one-year subscription costs $95.88 and allows unlimited document access. A one-week free trial allows unlimited access, but if you don’t cancel after one week, the subscription renews at a rate of $33 per month. Alternatively, you can purchase documents one at a time at a cost of between $7.50 and $39, depending on the document.


Like LawDepot, RocketLawyer offers many different types of legal documents, including landlord-specific documents. Real estate management forms include leases, eviction notices, rental applications, inspection documents, and many others. All forms are customizable via an online tool to be state-specific and relevant to your property.

Subscribers get unlimited access to documents for $39.99 per month. Non-subscribers can pay for documents one at a time at a cost of $39.99 per document.

EZ LandlordForms

EZ LandlordForms offers a wide variety of property management forms, including rental applications, leases, notices, move-in and move-out forms, receipts, eviction notices, and more. Custom leases are created using an online lease-building tool. The site also offers a tenant screening service.

The site offers non-customizable leases and rental applications, along with a small library of other forms, for free. For $29.95 per month, subscribers get customizable forms, and a $74.95 one-year subscription grants access to a much larger library of forms. Tenant screening is an add-on service that costs $29.95 per use. 


BiggerPockets is a one-stop shop for landlord education. It offers a vast array of resources, guides, courses, webinars, podcasts, community forums, and services to support rental managers. It also has a library of state-specific landlord forms, including rental applications, leases and addenda, move-in and move-out forms, lease guaranty and extension forms, and more.

BiggerPockets has a two-tiered membership structure for landlords, but only the $39-per-month Pro Membership allows access to the landlord forms.

The Landlord Protection Agency

The LPA site is a comprehensive resource for landlords. It offers services such as tenant screening and credit reports, and it also includes a menu of educational tools and community forums.

The site includes a broad selection of free landlord forms, including rental agreements, notices, and disclosures. These free forms, however, are basic and non-customized. A larger library of state-specific forms is available for a per-document cost; leases, for example, cost about $30. Forms are free for LPA members; membership costs $129.99 for one year or $299.95 for five years.


Cozy is an online rental management tool that takes over much of the drudgery of property management. The service offers automated property listings, marketing, application processing, tenant screening, rent payments, renter’s insurance, tenant communication, record organization, and more.

Cozy is mostly free for landlords because it shifts the cost of application screening, payment processing,and insurance to the tenant. Landlords do have to pay a fee, however, for location-based rent estimates and expedited payment processing.

Because Cozy is focused on doing most of the work for you, it’s not very customizable. The service doesn’t offer a library of ready-made forms, and its built-in forms, such as its rental application, are not customizable–at least not yet.


Like Cozy, Avail offers online listings, applications, tenant screening, rent estimates, rent payments, and maintenance record keeping. Avail, though, also offers digital lease creation, with state-specific customizable lease templates. Avail also provides access to a library of state-specific legal notices, lease addenda, and other forms, such as move-in checklists, security deposit receipts, and more.

Avail has a tiered pricing system. Its lowest tier, which is free, includes limited form customization options and management of only one unit. Upper tiers range from $10 to $50 per month and offer expanded document customization and management of more units.


Buildium is another comprehensive property-management tool. Like the other property-management solutions, Buildium offers listings, application and screening processing, customizable digital leases, rent payment processing, document organization, and more. It also handles more advanced jobs, such as property inspection and showing-schedule management.

Buildium has a two-tiered pricing plan, and one-year subscriptions range from $188 to $250. Payment processing and tenant screening cost extra.


RentPrep is a tenant screening service. It doesn’t offer customizable application or screening forms, but it does have a library of state-specific information about landlord-tenant laws.

RentPrep’s screening services range from $18.95 to $35 per use. Other services, such as criminal searches and verification phone calls, are available at an additional cost.

A Solution for Every Landlord

Whether you’re looking for a streamlined, automated solution or a more do-it-yourself approach to choosing your landlord forms, one of these sites will certainly give you what you need. Before you decide which one, though, be sure to educate yourself on the basics of entering the landlord business in your state so you’ll have a better idea which service is best for you. 

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