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Hi, I'm Debbie

I'm here to share with you the techniques I've learned over the past 15 years investing in one small rental property at a time.

Passive Income Design was started during a time when I found myself at a milestone in my architectural career. My background is in Fine Arts and Architecture and I love both tremendously.

The majority of my professional career has been in the architecture profession though. I have slowly and steadily climbed the ladder at several large residential firms. The more I climbed, the more I seemed to move away from the designing, drawing and problem-solving that I love about architecture. I started questioning if I should keep climbing. It seemed crazy at first to possibly step down a few rungs on this ladder that I had toiled for years to climb up. 

For several years prior to this impasse I found myself in this unpaid position of the passionate real estate investor in the office.

Colleagues wanted to go to lunch to pick my brain about how to get into real estate investing.

One collegue was going to take everything she had and pay off her small condo that she rented out to her sister. I talked to her about leverage, crunched the numbers for her and showed her how purchasing another property without HOA and mello roos taxes was the better financial decision than paying off her current property.

I would get questions like… How were you able to purchase a rental property with you IRA? How do you know where to invest? 

One of the owner's at my firm was getting ready to move into a new home and wanted to keep his current home as a rental. I discussed how important it would be to someone in his position who held a large stake in a company to make sure his personal and business assets were well protected before he let anyone step foot on his property.

At one point, I listened to my self speaking about real estate to someone and realized how passionate I was about it and how much I had learned over the past 12+ years.

The reason that people approached me about real estate investing is b/c they knew that:

I had amassed over a million dollars in equity over a 12 year period by purchasing one small single-family home at time.

So in 2019, I asked to take a step down on the ladder.

I wanted to spend my days doing what I loved…drawing, problem solving, coordinating…basically getting back to practicing architecture. I also wanted my nights and weekends free (both mentally and physically) to pursue a second not so passive income stream in the online world sharing all the lessons I had learned.

Everyone should design passive income streams into their lives.

We're here to offer inspiration and to motivate you, as well as give you the tools to turn that motivation into action.

"Action is the great restorer of and builder of confidence. Inaction is not only the result, but the cause, of fear."

– Norman Vincent Peale

I wanted to create a space where both newbie and seasoned investors could land to gain and exchange knowledge, build confidence and collaborate. I believe that everyone regardless of their socioeconomic or current financial situation can better their financial outlook and improve their quality of life starting with just one small rental property. If I can help just a few individuals to make that first investment and see their net worth grow, then it was all worth it.

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Deborah Holland

Architect / Investor / Blogger

I was raised by a single mom in a very small  town in Montana, so if I can get where I am today, believe me, YOU CAN TOO! My family moved to Salt Lake City where I went to a nationally recognized high school. My performance at that high school got me into USC and I now live in Orange County. A few years out of college, I started out with a small amount of seed money from a relative to purchase my first rental property. 

Jim Hill


Jim has over 20 years in the construction industry. He has worked on projects ranging from large multi-family apartments and hotels to an Amtrak station and million square foot automated distribution centers.

He has had the role of Assistant Superintendent, Estimator and Project Manager. He has a keen eye in picking apart a set of drawings as well as bids and wants to pass that knowledge onto investors like you.

John Soucy​

Business Owner / Investor

Jon has 15 years of experience in the world of real estate investing. He is the owner of Home Buyers Complete, LLC, a real estate company that buys and sells primarily single family homes in and around the Dallas Fort Worth area. He specializes in providing solutions for home owners in difficult situations that is beneficial to all parties involved.

Jon also owns EMG holdings which is a real estate investment company in the Dalls / Fort Worth area that buys, renovates, wholesales and sells single-family homes.    

Patricia Campos


Patricia has over 14 years as a realtor and property manager.