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Here we answer all questions about managing your rental property including finding landlord forms online, screening tenants, online management tools and software available or how to find a property manager.

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8 Top Online Tenant Screening Services

When it comes to screening your tenants there are many options out there. Not all tenant screening processes are created equally, which is why I decided to cover some tenant screening reviews. These are all in my experience, and your mileage may vary. At the very least, a thorough tenant screening report should contain their

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9 Sites across the Web for Quality Landlord Forms

If you’re searching for landlord forms online, chances are you’re new to the landlord business. My first suggestion I have for you is that you take an hour or so to sit down and familiarize yourself with your state’s landlord-tenant laws. Landlordology summarizes the most pertinent laws for you. Once you have basic knowledge of

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